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Baseball Programming Update

By Paradise Minor Baseball, 06/29/20, 11:45PM NDT


An update for our membership on the status of baseball for the 2020 season.

Where are the boys & girls of summer? Why are we not on the fields?

We know that each and every one of you are frustrated that we are not playing ball. We are providing this update to let you know the current status, how we got here, and the plan to move forward.

The PMB executive have been very busy this spring planning for a season that had many unknowns. Would we have a season? Would there be an all-star program? If there is a season, what restrictions will there be? Will registration be down? And many many more questions. That said, when we received word that there would be a return to train and a return to play we were (and we still are) ready to go. Unfortunately, we have been unable to access the fields because we are not able to complete the Town of Paradise’s newly updated rental agreement contract and waiver requirements.

As part of normal operations, the Town of Paradise has had to renew their insurance policy this spring. As a result of this review, they were advised to update their rental agreement. We were presented with the updated agreement on June 23 which contained wording that was unacceptable to our insurance providers. We were therefore advised to not sign the agreement as it is written. Commercial General Liability Insurance is a requirement of the Rental agreement with the Town of Paradise. We would be unable to obtain insurance if we signed the agreement as it is worded today, and we can’t sign the agreement without a valid insurance policy.

Additionally, the town has asked all users to complete a release of liability waiver. The wording around this requirement is ambiguous and potentially exposes PMB to further liabilities. Further to that, the collection and policing of waiver compliance was an obstacle that would have been difficult to overcome.

Fortunately, three major sport organizations within our community (PMHA, PYSA, and PMB) were able to meet with the Town of Paradise today to discuss the issues and we were able to reach agreement (in principle) on acceptable amendments to both the contract and waiver that will allow us to move forward. As well, the town has offered assistance in the gathering and policing of the required forms. As such, we are hopeful to begin our season in the coming days. We are very thankful to PMHA, PYSA and the Town of Paradise that we were able to have such a cooperative and productive discussion.

Unfortunately, it will take a little while longer to get the paper work finalized, but we are hopeful to begin all-star tryouts on Thursday with the goal to have them concluded by Sunday. We thank you all for your patience and understanding while we work behind the scenes to deliver a great summer of baseball!

Yours in Baseball,

PMB Executive