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Call for Volunteers

By Paradise Minor Baseball, 06/30/20, 2:30PM NDT



Volunteers Needed!

Paradise Minor Baseball is a non-profit, volunteer run association who are always looking for enthusiastic, energetic individuals to help assist in the execution of our summer programs.  We are always looking for volunteers to help coach, assistant coach, or simply to help keep our baseball program running as smoothly as possible throughout the season.  We feel that without an adequate number of dedicated volunteers, we are unable to provide the kind of program we have envisioned for the youth of the Paradise community.  We all know that quality programs exist due to the countless hours of hard work and dedication of volunteers and PMB is no different. 
Anyone can apply to become a volunteer. While some roles can require some level of knowledge of the game of baseball, most of the volunteer positions require little or no knowledge or training.  A large majority of the help required is to assist the head coach with organisation, help keep our players safe, and the games or practices running as smoothly as possible.  If you are interested in becoming a trained coach, ​PMB will reimburse any course fees incurred​ to acquire the required levels.

Our hired staff are at the fields to umpire, officiate and facilitate game play and to help the kids with instruction where possible. This year, they have the added duties of sanitizing commonly touched surfaces, sanitizing equipment, and ensuring physical distancing is practiced on the fields, to name a few.  We can not hire staff to be coaches without a significant increase in registration fees.  We make every attempt to keep the registration fees as low as possible to make the great game of baseball accessible to as many kids as possible. 
With the current Covid-19 pandemic affecting our everyday lives, it is also having a significant impact on how we deliver our programs for the 2020 season.  As a result of the guidelines put in place by the Department of Health and Baseball NL, ​as well as our own​, the demand for volunteers is greater than it has ever been.  ​If we do not have enough volunteers for our divisions, we may have no choice but to cancel the program for that division​.

Some volunteer positions we are seeking and a short description of duties for each are as follows:


Some House-League Head Coach duties:

  • Set batting lineups.
  • Place players in fielding positions.
  • Provide basic hitting instruction to players on batting stance and swing.
  • Provide basic instruction to players on catching and throwing a ball.
  • Provide basic field positioning instruction.

Some House-League Assistant Coach duties:

  • Provide assistance to the head coach in the form of putting kids in order on the bench during batting half-innings.
  • Keep children safe by ensuring bats are not being used outside of the on-deck circle.
  • Ensuring players remain in the dugouts/benches while not in the playing field.
  • Help move children from station to station during practice time.

The Health & Safety Coordinator position is new this year due to the Covid-19 pandemic.  We would like to have at least one volunteer per team to fill this role to help offload some of the duties of the coaches.  Some duties include:

  • Ensure all participants are physical distancing.
  • Ensure personal equipment is not being shared.
  • Ensure players are disinfecting their hands at intervals during the session.
  • Ensure attendance is kept for each session.
  • For association provided equipment (ex. catcher's equipment), ensure it is properly sanitized between each use.

We are still seeking an individual for the vacant executive position of Junior Divisional Rep.  The Junior Divisional Rep shall coordinate the PMB house league program and related activities for the 5U (T-Ball), 7U (Novice), and 9U (Rookie) divisions. This may include the development of team rosters, working with the Scheduler & Website Administrator to create schedules, the assignment of coaches to teams, and the provision of information to house league coaches.

  • The Junior Divisional Rep should collaborate with the Registrar and Treasurer during the registration process.
  • The Junior Divisional Rep should assign division coordinators each year to assist with running the house league program.
  • The Junior Divisional Rep should coordinate the Rookie Select program in collaboration with other associations.
  • The Junior Divisional Rep shall arrange any year end functions for their divisions. 
  • Assist with running or plan equipment donations/exchanges to make baseball more accessible to others in our community.
  • Become a tournament committee member to help plan and execute our annual Gerry Murphy Memorial tournament and any Provincial tournaments we host.
  • Help run canteens at our hosted tournaments (not required this year).
  • Become a member of our parents committee to create ideas on ways to improve our program and offerings.
  • Become an Umpire and/or help form a Paradise Minor Baseball Umpires Association. 

If you are interested in volunteering for any of the available roles, please contact any member of the executive or email ​​.  We would love to have you as part of our volunteer family! 
Thank you, 
PMB Executive