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IMPORTANT: PMB Code of Conduct

By Paradise Minor Baseball, 07/27/23, 10:00AM NDT




Good Day Paradise Minor Baseball Players, Coaches, Parents/Guardians & Spectators,

In response to a few specific instances resulting in formal complaints from outside associations, and as a general reminder from the association, we are sending a message to all of our Paradise Minor Baseball Members. 


Attached is the Baseball Newfoundland and Labrador Code of Conduct Policy. EVERYONE taking part in baseball programming in this province, including players, coaches, officials, association volunteers, and parents/guardians & spectators is required to be familiar with the expectations set out in this document. Please, conduct yourself in accordance with this policy at all times and in doing so, exemplify what it means to be a Paradise Phantom.

It is our expectation that when other associations think of Paradise Minor Baseball, they acknowledge that our players, coaches and spectators are both competitive AND respectful. Good sportsmanship is the foundation upon which minor sport is built. Good sportsmanship needs to be modeled by all adults involved, so that our players learn and naturally exhibit the same.


PMB would like to highlight the following points regarding Parents/Guardians & Spectators:

  • As fans, your job at the field is to encourage your team. Your players should hear positivity and encouragement coming from the stands.

  • It is NOT your job to question an umpire and you are NOT to approach officials, either during the game or as they are leaving the field, to challenge calls, or to make general negative remarks. Please note that officials at all ballparks across the province are generally youth, who are learning how to do their jobs, and are deserving of additional patience, grace, and respect, regardless of whether or not agree with a call being made. The official’s job is not an easy one, and loudly or aggressively voicing displeasure over an official’s call will not change the call or improve the situation. Remember the adage: If you can't say something nice, don't say anything at all! 

  • It is your job to create an environment where it is safe for players and officials to learn and grow, and to be a role model for sportsmanship, respect and integrity. 

  • Parents/Guardians & Spectators are NOT to approach coaches or team staff immediately before, during, or immediately after games or practices to publicly question or complain about coaching decisions. We ask, as an association, that any questions or concerns you may have are brought to your coaches in a respectful manner and at an appropriate time & place. Coaching is a significant volunteer contribution of time and effort. It does not help your player or your team to publicly criticize or question your coaches.

  • Parents/Guardians & Spectators are responsible for their own actions at the field.

  • Further clarification can be found in the BNL Policy (Item 7: Responsibilities & Item 12: Parents/Guardians & Spectators).


We would also like to make it clear that these expectations are in place, regardless of the location, whenever you are representing Paradise Minor Baseball. Individual reports of misconduct (coming from any association regarding PMB teams and their spectators) according to the BNL Code of Conduct, or any of the outlined Paradise Minor Baseball expectations (whether they be involving players, coaches, or spectators) will be dealt with accordingly. Circumstances may result in a formal warning, suspension, or the removal of particular participants or spectators from ball parks. Please note that other associations have the right to remove spectators from their fields as well.


We thank you for your cooperation in this matter.

Paradise Minor Baseball Executive.